Youth Ambassadors

“When I think of the organization Youth Ambassadors, it reminds of something bigger than oneself. Being able to be a Co-Director of such a movement, it’s truly an honor. Youth Ambassadors provides the following, a safe haven, exposure, opportunity, love.

I’ve found out from leading these young people the solution to decreasing the north side of Flint, MI is not giving up on them but simply showing them love and care. Because due to the lack of support or love they’re not getting at home that’s what their really seeking when they act out in school or the streets.

Myself and Tychelle Sparks has made it our duty to not only show them love but to also expose them to the world outside of what they see everyday. That’s the amazing part about the “Beauty of Exposure” once you’ve been exposed to something your mind can never go back to how it was before.” ~ Dennis Williams-Mitchell, Co-Director 

“When I first started attending the Youth Ambassadors program I liked it. As the program has grown it really feels like a family, and I’m really excited to experience the opportunities I will have from attending this program with Mr. Dennis & Miss. Tychelle.” ~ Kameron Motley 

“ I joined Youth Ambassadors a few months ago and it’s a program that I want to be apart until I graduate high school, and even after.” ~ Darious Adams 

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