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About WOW Outreach

WOW was established in 2007. It stems from the Outreach work and efforts of Church Without Walls Ministries.

The mission of WOW is, “To Create a Community with a ZERO Tolerance for Violence”. A call to action was made in the local newspaper to residents who had the desire and were willing to work towards positively changing the culture of our neighborhoods, communities, and cities. Residents were asked to “stop talking about the issues of Flint and do something about the issues of Flint”. Approximately twelve people accepted the call.

As a direct result of their work, Faith, Time, Talent, and Treasures, WOW has developed into an organization which serves as a vehicle to generate conversation around very hard topics, ignite action and collaboration among people and organization, and most importantly give Hope to youth and families living throughout Flint and Genesee County.

WOW connects families in urban communities with vital resources, strengthens the relationship of community leaders, bridges gap between law enforcement and community.  Additionally, WOW fosters hope amongst young people who are vulnerable to becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence, works to create violence reduction practices,  and assist in preventative measures offered within school and community settings.

WOW works together with other community partners to brainstorm and implement proactive strategies, while supporting each other in community programs, services, and events.

Our location is 6202 Dupont St,  Suite B Flint, MI 48505.

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